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At MairiMeDance we pride ourselves on making every couple as comfortable as possible.

We know the whole idea of getting up to perform in front of family and friends can be very daunting, but there is nothing to worry about, MairiMeDance creates dances that are tailored to each couple, so if the groom to be goes weak at the knees at the thought of dancing in front of an audience or is scared his mind will go blank, we can choreograph a dance that makes the bride do most of the work, but the groom still takes a lead role within the dance, making the whole performance look impressive.

I am not a traditional ballroom dance teacher,( although can teach each style), so my choreography is a lot more relaxed, very subtle and not as choreographed as some other companies may provide. Whether you have danced before or are complete beginners, we can help you have fun, be confident and shine on your special day. Depending on your song choice, ability and expectations of your dance, we can create a dance you are confident with in an hour’s lesson, but generally will take around three or four.

We provide free, no obligation consultations where we can discuss all aspects of your dance. If you are still undecided between a couple of songs, I would be happy to demonstrate some steps to give you a better idea of how your dance would look. From here, if you are happy to continue with lessons, we can decide on when to start and the number of lessons we think will be required.

If you think this sounds like fun and you want to astound your guests, then contact us now by calling Mairi on 07787 732924 or email

the Hen & Stagg Dance Party with Mairimedance

Are you looking for something unique and extra special for your hen party? Then look no further.
Having one of our individually tailored dance parties will have your girls ready to party all night.
If your friends love to dance, then this is the perfect hen party for you!
With many themes to choose from, including Showgirls, Uptown Funk, Beyoncé’s ‘Single Ladies’,
Rock ‘n’ Roll, Gangnam Style, Broadway, 80’s, Line Dancing, Hip Hop, Girl Band, Dirty Dancing,
Glee, Burlesque, Grease, Mama Mia, Can Can, Cheerleading, Thriller, Chicago, Moulin Rouge,
Footloose, Charleston and Hairspray. You name it we can do it!
New to MairiMeDance, themes for the boys who like to show off a little or just want to really
embarrass the groom to be!
Chippendales, Boy Band, ‘Village Boys, Gangnam Style, Full Monty, Thriller or Grease

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